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    • Chad Kroger tells SoJo 104.9 about Avril Lavigne collaboration

      Black Stars around the globe have been hyping the release of Avril Lavigne's upcoming fifth album. Although Avril confirmed the album to be finished two months ago, this may not be the case anymore! In a recent interview with Chad Kroeger, a fellow collaborator on Avril's fifth album, he discusses that the two had another writing session in Los Angeles last week. He also discusses how the collaboration came about, telling SoJo that Chad met Avril's manager at a New Years Eve party in Cabo. Chad then mentioned that he loves working with Avril in the studio and says she has an amazing voice! We agree with you there Chad! Discuss more on the forums!
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      1. felipecampelo's Avatar
        Avril Lavigne now has to release an album that sounds very commercial. She still lives in the past? 2007 ended. we are in a new era. She thinks she can come back every four years. avril wake up! Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Pink (singer), (50 cents) new albums coming. REMEMBERING THAT WAS MADE Under My Skin in just six months, The Best Damn Thing in 5 months. Two successful albums. It takes a lot now. Goodbye Lullaby was hanging by a thread
      1. felipecampelo's Avatar
        Devon post
        I personally don't mind waiting either. Who knows, they could be writing the next legendary song like I'm With You or My Happy Ending. If the album will be higher quality because of extra writing sessions, power to them!

        Yes but she did Under my skin in six months! Goodbye lullaby took so long that it was hanging by a thread
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