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    • Avril Lavigne Photographed at Roissy Charles de Gaule Airport!

      After promoting and showcasing Abbey Dawn at New York Fashion Week and doing a short, little celebratory party with Bandaids afterward, Avril is finally back at home. Yup, at least for a little while, she gets to relax and get used to her new home in France! Shortly after her tweet letting us know she arrived, Avrilsmusic.net has quickly posted these new Pictures of Avril Lavigne at the Roissy Charles de Gaule airport earlier.
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      1. AleAv90ReBorn's Avatar
        Looks tired .... effect of jet lag? luckily it was not a bruise to her face, but only make-up!
      1. AvrilFreak247's Avatar
        Love her hair! She is so beauiful!xoxo
      1. Lavignewob's Avatar
        I do not understand all, she wants to marry Chad! Moves Chad to France? Avril moves back to LA? Or they both live 10,000 km away?
      1. Lavignewob's Avatar
        I'm scared! What about all the promos, etc? I think avrils career is at the end!
      1. In The Rhymes's Avatar
        She can easily fly out to New York, California and any other place to promote; like she did for Fashion Week on Monday, for instance. Sure, it's easier for her if she lived in California but she doesn't have too. The only major change is that we'll see less paparazzi photos of her. She can always travel elsewhere to record music (if she doesn't fancy a studio in France or to accommodate those she's working with), a good percentage of her fashion line can be done via phone and Skype with her creative team and her foundation requires traveling anyway.

        As for her and Chad's living arrangements, well, Avril didn't say moving to France was temporary. So I'd say he's got no qualms about picking up and moving to France to be with her or otherwise that'd be a very boring marriage.
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