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      by Published on Apr 18, 2014 7:31 PM

      Mina Saiko Arigato! K-K-KAWAII! BANDAIDERS! The Hello Kitty music video will be released in just THREE days! this is great news! Avril announced this on Twitter, also posting a flawless (and awesome) single cover! We have some information about the Music video, saying it will be set in the Colourful streets of Tokyo with lots of dancing! She also sports a blue highlight in her hair with a Kawaii cupcake skirt! Are you excited for the video? I sure am! It's been quite a short wait, which is always good!

      by Published on Mar 27, 2014 3:44 PM

      Bandaiders! Let's all vote for Here's To Never Growing up on twitter for the Radio Disney Music Awards! It has been nominated for the "The best song to ROCK out with your BFF!" Let's make sure Avril wins this! All you have to do is post this: "I Vote for #AvrilLavigne "here's to never growing up" #Thatsmyjam @radiodisney"
      but only: #Avrillavigne #thatsmyjam and @radiodisney needs to be in the tweet to be counted as a vote! So you can (if you want instead of the latter) write whatever you want as long as your tweet contains the two hashtags and the @ to @radiodisney. That's all you have to do and it's that simple, so go on Bandaiders! LETS VOTE! Alternatively, you can skip this and just retweet Avril's tweet- (click on the date to go to the tweet)

      by Published on Mar 22, 2014 5:54 AM

      As many Bandaiders thought, Give You What You Like is going to be the next single! Woo! Avril announced this on her twitter page:“@avril_bandaids: .@AvrilLavigne Is 'Give You What You Like' the next single? We've been told that it's getting radio airplay in Canada!”yes This is great news, not only for us fans, but also for anyone new to Avril- it's a great song and It's awesome that it's getting coverage already! We wonder how it will perform, and the music video is something to look forward to! This, along with Hello Kitty should expose the album just a little bit more! Do you think that this is the right single choice? Could this be the reason why she shaved her hair? For the music video? Let's wait and see! Talk about it in the forums here!

      by Published on Mar 18, 2014 11:05 AM

      We all know how successful Avril Lavigne has been throughout the past decade. The records she has broken, the number of album copies she has sold, and the fame she endured to obtain all prevailed, and her marvelous success will never be debatable. Recently, researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the world's top-notch universities as well as a member of the Ivy League, aimed to discover the most famous Canadian figues of all time. Depending on scientific data, the team was able to develop a list of 10 well-known Canadian names, having Avril ranking first in it. We, at Bandaids, are currently marvelling over the fact that Avril is still imprinting her mark worldwide, and definitely in Canada. Read more about Avril Lavigne Ranking Most Famous Canadian on our forums, and share your thoughts!

      by Published on Mar 17, 2014 1:02 PM

      You may of heard Avril Lavigne is going to be releasing two new singles! We know that one of them is Hello Kitty- the other hasn't been confirmed yet, but has been subject to quite a lot of discussion! Anyway, Avril posted on her Twitter that she would be shooting her new purr-fect music video in Japan! As she revealed with two tweets: @AvrilLavigne: So... Even though the tour is over and everyone flys home today ... I am flying back to JAPAN!!! Because I love it....... and also; @AvrilLavigne: ...because I LOVE JAPAN and I am going to be shooting a music video there!!!!! Crazy. So excited. Yay. Sushi. Hello Kitty! Isn't this awesome? Are you looking forward to this new Music Video? Let everyone know in the forum! In the meantime, K-K-Kawaii! A very big thanks to BlackStarGhost for posting!

      by Published on Mar 14, 2014 12:14 PM

      Bandaiders! This may surprise some of you, but Avril Lavigne is going to be touring with the Backstreet Boys this summer! The Boys have been teasing a big announcement for tomorrow morning on Good Morning America, and Avril announced that she is touring with them on Twitter: "So excited to be joining the @backstreetboys on the US leg of their In A World Like This tour!" This could provide Avril promotion and exposure in the United States- which is always good! The first date is on Thursday, May the 22nd. And titled 'Backstreet Boys with very special guest Avril Lavigne
      What do you think of Avril Lavigne touring with the Backstreet Boys? Discuss here! Thanks to Avril-L.org for posting!

      by Published on Mar 13, 2014 2:25 PM

      Guess what guys? Remember when Avril shaved her hair last year? You may love it or hate it, but Avril has taken the plunge once again and shaved her hair! She posted this on Twitter: Gave Ferlazo a haircut today! #letthemknowthatwearestillRockNRoll #tourhaircutsbyAvril
      In the photo it shows Avril with the haircut that Marilyn Manson gave her a while ago, but it seems to have been improved from the shave she had before. It could start speculation that she's done this for one of the new music videos, perhaps Hello Kitty? Or another single? Who knows! She has also dyed her hair pink which only further increases the speculation.Thanks for uza.v.ril for posting!
      Bandaiders, what do you think of the haircut? Take a look at the photo in our Gallery!
      Love it or hate it? Discuss here!

      by Published on Mar 1, 2014 7:35 AM

      As Avril Lavigne finishes gets to the final stages of the Asian leg of the "Avril Lavigne Tour", great news have reached Bandaids! Avril now needs your help because her hit single Here's To Never Growing Up just got nominated in the Disney Radio Music Awards in the category off Best Song to Rock Out to with your BFF - THAT'S MY JAM. Avril is competing with relatively big names in the music industry, and you know it means a lot for her to win this award,especially because Here's To Never Growing Up is such a splendid anthem. That's why, head straight to the forums to Vote for Avril Lavigne in the Disney Radio Music Awards. Make sure to check out the numerous methods of voting there. Let's go!

      by Published on Feb 27, 2014 4:00 PM

      Just as we thought this era was almost over, Avril surprised us with big news! In a tweet, she let us know that there will be a fourth single off 'Avril Lavigne'! Excited already? What if we tell you there will not only be just one single.. but two! On Twitter, Bandaids asked her if she could give us a hint. She told us there will be 2 different singles in two different 'territories'. Next thing you know, she reveals that one of the singles will be Hello Kitty, which will be released in Asia! So then there is one song left, but which one could it be? We're hoping for a Give You What You Like or Bad Girl release, singles that Avril seems to be agreeing with. She tweeted she's doing her best for us to put out new singles and videos, while being on tour. Busy busy! Speaking of the tour, we asked her if the tour will have more dates added.. The answer was yes! So to all of you living in Europe, Canada, America, or anywhere else, don't give up the hope of getting a chance to see her live with this album cycle!

      by Published on Feb 9, 2014 4:34 AM

      Bandaiders! Avril Lavigne now needs your help! We all know how successful Avril has been in Canada ever since she began her career. As a Canadian artist, she has always received local awards and appreciations. As a matter of fact, it has come to be a habit for Avril to win a Juno award annually. This year, the Juno Awards adopted a new voting-based award in which Avril is competing with other Canadian musicians. That's why, we need you to vote right now, and guarantee that Avril wins this award, as usual. They applied a "one vote per person" policy, so we need everyone in Bandaids to Vote For Avril Lavigne for The Juno Awards 2014. On behalf of everyone on Bandaids, thank you!

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